Friday, November 1, 2013

Wrap Up

Well, the October Dress Project 2013 is complete!  Guess what I am NOT wearing today?!

Overall, this was a very good experience.  It definitely made me be far more creative than I ever have been with putting together my outfits.  I found it took much longer to get ready for the day though, than it did normally, as I kept trying to put together something original.  Some outfits were definitely more successful than others.  I did find navy a bit hard to work with, and would definitely choose a black dress next time around (if I ever do this again!).  It also definitely made me appreciate how vast my wardrobe really is.  If I can put together 31 outfits based on 1 dress, how many other outfits are hidden away in my closet just waiting to be found?!

Quite a few ladies at church knew I was doing this project, and they were always so encouraging whenever they saw me, and couldn't wait to see what I would wear next time.

Which brings up another point - nobody ever noticed (that I hadn't specifically told) that I was doing this.  People so don't look at you as much as you think they do!

Two questions remain.

Which is your favourite out of the entire month?

And, should I ever choose to wear this dress again - which of the 31 versions will I wear?!

1 comment:

  1. I like 25. The combination matches well, and looks flattering on you! :) I have found that scarves hanging longer in the front really slim the body! ;) Red and black/navy are nice for this time of year too! Way to stick it out!!