Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3

Today was trickier for me. Several of the pieces I thought would work well, didn't. But I think this ended up ok. 

The dress
White legging skimmer jeans from the Gap Outlet
White scarf from Target
Gold flip flop style sandals from Payless I think


  1. Today was tricker for me too...I had picked out a dressier outfit for our school's opening program but when checking the weather realized it would probably be too cold to wear it home after the program and so I changed my whole outfit!

  2. PS That scarf is awesome...Hmmmm...I don't have a white one....

  3. Thanks Pam!
    Yeah, this outfit was a little chilly today - I did wear a jacket over to go out of course, but even still. Guess I"m going to need to give up the sandals soon!

    Ha ha - I can't believe you don't have a white one!