Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5

I confess - today I was home all day long in pj's and home clothes, so I didn't actually wear this outfit out anywhere, basically just put it together for the photo.  I'm not so sure about the navy/black combo - what do you think?

The dress
Black leggings from Kohl's
Black boots from Dress Barn
Black baggy chunky cardigan from Kohl's (I think)
Blue belt from a different Kohl's dress
chain necklace
Black flower hair clip from Claire's


  1. I like it! That blue belt pops!

    1. Yes, I think without that belt it would've looked pretty drab.

  2. Seeing all of the pictures makes me really want to try this...BUT since I am often in old clothes for cleaning, I would have too many days where I just slapped on the outfit for a picture and that doesn't seem like much sense. If I had a job out in public where I went every day - or was busy with other public outings - it would be a different story. I'm still intrigued though...maybe in February or March when I'm bored of winter and needing a new creative outlet to get me through the weeks....